• A Coot lays between 5-7 eggs and then incubation takes about 21 days. Coot pairs can have several clutches in a Summer so keep your eyes peeled for more.

    Coot, Crystal Palace Park
  • We awoke to a light dusting of snow this morning as frosty conditions swept across the UK.

    It snowed today
  • A black and white cat has been going to the Gipsy Hill railway station in South London almost every day to greet passengers and give them cuddles while they are awaiting their train. Many passengers have been greeted by this friendly tuxedo cat every day for the past year and it’s something they always look… [Continue Reading]

    Nice to meet you, The Gipsy Hill Cat
  • After our wedding Simon and I went to Stresa on Lake Maggiore for our Honeymoon.

    Our Honeymoon in Stresa
  • Arthur standing proud this morning.

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