theFusion by vintagesound

Meet Stöddiga Sumpen

Hello, Instagram! It’s time for your dose of #WeeklyFluff! Meet Stöddiga Sumpen (@stoddigasumpen), a fantastically furry feline. Stöddiga’s unusual lineage—part Maine Coon and part Ragdoll—helps explain his uncommonly large size, extra fluffy coat, big bright eyes and fondness for exploring the outdoors. For a dash of adventuresome kitty antics, follow @stoddigasumpen.

#RIP @biddythehedgehog by mashable

RIP @biddythehedgehog, the cutest, spikiest little traveler on the Internet. Biddy, the hedge hog who captivated thousands of followers with his many travels across the United States, passed away on March 1. Biddy may be gone, but he will forever be hedging and hogging in our hearts.

Gangster gals! by emnicalice

Forget upward dog by simonemirielle

Forget upward dog – it’s all about upside down cat. Ruby seems to think my #yoga mat makes a good napping place! (I admit, I do too sometimes during savasana!) #yogacat #cat by simonemirielle

good morning :) by Peter Čuhalev

Beautiful bride Heather by Fiona Kelly Photography

It was a beautiful day last June at Leeds Castle attending Heather’s wedding. And this photo has reminded me that my own wedding to Simon is so close. 1 month 10 days away and counting.

“Alphabet Valley” by adobe

Fans of the game Monument Valley will appreciate this typographic tribute aptly named “Alphabet Valley”