In all honesty we would need to see the amps to determine the fault. However – as a guide only, there is a minimum charge of £35 plus VAT per piece, then parts and a small labour content depending on the time taken to repair whatever the problem might be. I would suggest however that the maximum would be around £65 – £75 per piece – plus VAT – plus carriage.

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From: James Balderson [mailto:*****] Sent: Wednesday, 4 April 2007 4:18 PM
To: Creek Audio Ltd
Subject: Repair Creek Audio 4140 s2

To who it may concern,

I enquired a few months ago if it was possible for a Creek Audio 4140s2 and a CAS 4040 to be repaired on the Creek Audio forums (link to below). Since then the CAS 4040 went “pop”. So could I have a quote for how much it would be to repair the 4140s2.


When cold the Right channel cuts out or fades, tapping on top sometimes brings it back.

James Balderson


I thought you might be interested in reading this web page: