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12 October, 2007 10:23 | Devious Journal Entry | Permalink
The Reading campus at King Road Reading maybe extended as discussed in the post linked to above. However I would like to ask why? As is the job of this journal! Anyways I is that the current Kings Road Campus is to small, this apparent most at lunchtimes when the HE, FE and Sixth Form Academe all try and squeeze into the canteen which has not been designed for so many. Surly moving all the under 18’s off campus is a better, cheaper solution than expanding. Which would allow the student union to have a bar. Yes, it true, readers, Thames Valley University, Kings Road Campus, Reading, is an abstemious site. Also the planned extension will be built on the current car park, not that you understand that I drive or approve of people driving to University. Since Reading has such and excellent bus and train service, but I sometimes wish I could have a lift, when it’s to cold, to wet or to hot!
On the other hand it is nice to is money being spent on the old Reading College and School of Art and Technology, as inside we have nice new computer, equipment and studios.