Unnamed Peak by *metagore on deviantART

Artist’s Comments
I’m not sure the name of this mountain, it’s not named on any map that I’ve seen. Here’s the location if anyone can help find the name: [link]&z=15

We camped at South Mineral campground outside of Silverton CO and this view was within a five minute drive of the campground. Just continue on down the road past the campground to get to it. A 4WD will help, but is not required if you take your time and have a little bit of ground clearance.

I froze my feet off walking through the stream that is running to the right. This shot was far more challenging to take than it appears. Those alpine marshes are filled with all kind of surprises. But in all it was a great way to start the day.

This was shot as an HDR pano and cropped down to an 8×10 format.