The E! Network’s hilarious end-of-the-week talk show recap, The Soup features a clip from The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet in which teenagers discussed binge drinking when, out of nowhere, this picture of a surprised cat sitting in front a plate of spaghetti came onscreen. They never explained the picture or mentioned it for the rest of the show!

It later came out that they placed the funny picture as a visual “bleep” because one of Mike and Juliet’s guests said the word “retarded.” It turns out that a woman named Faye Murrell and her spaghetti eating cat, Tessa, appeared some time before on Animal Planet’s “Pet Star.” Though we’re hard pressed to find another spaghetti-eating feline, Tessa is undoubtedly not the same cat from The Morning Show, making the aformentioned shot, even weirder.

But even better, Tessa’s owner Faye, is undeniably, cat-lady crazy. Teaching a cat to eat with a plastic utensil tied to its arm because your husband’s dinnertime company isn’t enough is one thing. But serving it shrimp and ice cream, taking it on diplomatic visits to Korea, and saying that the cat wants to meet Oprah Winfrey and Tiger Woods are quite another. Next thing you know, the cat will start commanding her to kill.