Pantone has announced Pantone Plus, an update of and replacement for its well-known Pantone Matching System.

“Pantone Plus takes what designers and printers know and love about the Pantone Matching System and supercharges it with a host of new features, colors, and digital tools,” said Ron Potesky, senior vice president and general manager of Pantone in a statement announcing the update. “The Plus Series provides designers with greater freedom for selecting, specifying, and matching color. And, since the Pantone Plus Series is based on the widely used Pantone Matching System, there’s no training or new equipment required to start pushing the boundaries of creativity.”

The new Pantone Plus Series offers a number of new features and capabilities, including the chromatic arrangement of colors, an expanded palette of spot colors, additional new metallics, and a broader range of neons. All books in the Plus Series are printed on text-weight paper.

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