In recent years 6 has become the browser web designers love to hate. issues, errors and inexplicable CSS quirks have made it the brunt of many jokes. With in its twilight and big like Google dropping support, it seems like a good time to take a fond back at our old foe. In this post we’re looking at what Explorer 6 used to be and why its image changed over the years. You can also see the comic in a larger version.

Do we need to review our projects in Internet Explorer 6? Can we stop supporting IE6? If not, how do we handle those users who are still using IE6? And if , how can we prompt IE6 users to upgrade? Or how do we convince those who don’t allow their employees to get rid of the legacy browser to upgrade? What do you think? We are looking forward to your in the comments to this post!

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(via Smashing Magazine)