As you can see, screwing around a bit at work has the potential to make you the most productive, creative and dynamic mind in your office. Here are a few simple ways – among others – to get started staring blankly into the vast depths of possibility:

  1. Make Your Next Break Just That – When we get breaks during the day, even if it’s for just a few minutes, we have this tendency to fill it with random busyness. Instead, take a few breaths, close your eyes and let the mind just go. You might be surprised where it ends up.
  2. The Extended Water Break – Take a few extra moments during the next water break and go for a quick walk. Try to walk mindfully and use the stroll to empty the head. If there’s a problem to solve, let it rest there during this time. This is one way to begin the incubation process.
  3. Find White Space – Turn away form the computer screen for a few minutes and just stare at the wall. Before you do, take a few deep mindful breaths. Relax your shoulders a bit. Now, just let the mind rest. Repeat as needed.
  4. Be A Lunch Loner – Lunch is a great time gossip with coworkers, an opportunity to run a few errands and if you’re determined to have the next big idea, it’s also great time to open the mind. Why not bring a lunch, get out of the office, find a quiet place and just disengage a bit?

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