Hyde Park ceremony to remember 7 July victimsA ceremony will be held in Hyde to mark the fifth anniversary of the 7 bombings in the capital.

Survivors and families of those who lost their lives in the terror attacks will lay by 52 steel pillars which represent those killed.

A wreath will be laid in the name of Prime Minister David Cameron as a one-minute silence is held at midday.

Elsewhere, events marking the attacks will be held at Chatham House in London and the Makkah mosque in Leeds.

Four suicide bombers detonated explosives on board three trains and a bus during rush hour in 2005.

Security Minister Dame Pauline Neville-Jones will speak at the House conference, which aims to reflect on the response that followed the attacks and assess what threats remain.

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From the archives: 5 years on from 7/7 see how a fledgling blog the events as they happened http://bit.ly/dnNoQy

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Coincidence can bring mixed fortune and sometimes it can be cruel. Many passengers on the number 30 were only using it because the Tube was closed due to Hussain’s three fellow bombers detonating their devices. Something they did not know as they boarded it.

I still can’t explain… the series of coincidences that puts a bus on diversion where it shouldn’t be, to blow up outside a full of Dr Holden

But chance can also bring unexpected blessings. The unfolding on that day meant the bus was forced to take a detour which delivered it into the hands of one of the few people in the country trained to handle a major emergency on that scale – Dr Holden.

The bus was torn apart in front of the headquarters of the British Medical Association (BMA), where he was attending committee meetings. A GP by trade, he is also trained as one of the UK’s few major incident commanders.

“I thought ‘I really am in it now’,” he says. “Then I thought ‘you’ve been trained for this – come on’.”

By yet another coincidence, a medical conference was also being held at the BMA. It meant dozens of doctors were on hand to offer lifesaving expertise.

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