@litmusapp finds you only have 2 seconds

Email analytics from the guys at Litmus

Wow! How are they getting this sort of information out of an email client?

I love Litmus already, because it means I don’t have to have a Hotmail or AOL email account.

Also I don’t know any people with Lotus Notes, but apparently lots of people do! So being able to test for that is great.

We provide you with a snippet of HTML code to add to your email template. Our email analytics are compatible with any email marketing software—just include our code and start collecting real-time behavioral data on your next campaign.

So you add this code to your email campaign and Litmus does the rest.

Does it work with Aprimo?

Using this code, Kath Pay of Email Marketing Blog has found that you only have two second of peoples attention and only a very small number of people (probably people in the industry) forward using the email client, something to do with the mess Outlook turns most email into when forwarded, I think.

Out of those who opened the campaigns:

•On average, 51.1% of readers spend less than 2 seconds looking at your email
•In the best email campaigns, 77% of people fully read the message
•On average, 0.12% of readers printed the email
•On average, 0.63% of readers forwarded the email using their email client, not the ‘forward to a friend’ tool.

New findings: 2 seconds is all you have by Kath Pay

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