So after removing support from there enterprise version with the of Server 2003, add it back in again.

Does this mean an end to Microsoft policy of becoming market leader by simply doing anything in a none standard way. This new way will of corse becomes standard, as a result of the number of Windows machines out there. So everyone else starts to support that new standard, then they will change it.

Well bad luck Microsoft, can now play that game too and they are better at it.

Next Windows Home Server adds Mac support

“Mac support is a customer requested scenario in Windows Server,” Microsoft community program manager Jonas Svensson said in a statement. “We are glad to be offering it in the upcoming version of Windows Home Server and forward to getting early feedback from users.”

Among the features in the new test version of Vail are support for machines running X or higher, remote Web access, support for add-ins, and alerts.

Microsoft has not said when to expect final versions of either or Vail.

Ina Fried