I’m currently on the 18.47 from to Cheltenham Spa.

First off i travel every working day from to London from parkway and as a result give you just under £400 a mouth and the service is very good on the whole, the are on time and very fast.

But on the few occasions when i’m later than my 18.15 train to from London. I offen find most the train pre-booked. Of course you don’t care if they turn up or not because they’ve paid. How about the they don’t take up the seat as well. You are one of the only London train services that has pre-book seats i think rather than pre-paid. I think thats wrong at peak times and from London. The seats should be first come first seated apart from the old and or ill.

There is nothing more frustating than being kicked out of my seat by some who has paid less and hasn’t bothered to arrive in a timely fashion.



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