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Didcot Parkway to get £5.7m revamp

Diddy OX wrote:

YellowMilton wrote:
Why is it a waste of money??? You do not live in didcot and realise its essential work as the town is growing year by year.

In a time of austerity it is a waste of money the station is fine as it is! £6million could be better spent badly needed social housing. Just because Picto68 lives in Carterton he/she has a right to express a because we all pay council tax to O.C.C through are local district councils.

This is very unfair on Didcot Council and OCC, I’m a regular commuter to and love everything about Didcot, I live only 10 mins anyway from the station and even closer to the tracks and power lines. But it still beats London, as about 5 mins walk away is the countryside.

Any improvement to the already overcrowded train network is welcome and you must remember is going hand-in-hand with improvements at Reading and all across the .

Also about the “First Late Weastern” jibe, I also commute from from time to time and although the in on the Great Weatern are sometimes a little late, thats nothing compared to the time Kent trains take to do a fraction of the distance.

Dartford to 45 mins, Didcot Parkway to London 45 mins

And late arrival figaures speak for them selves.

91.6% Punctuality 2010 Moving Annual Average (MAA)

Southeastern 88.9% Punctuality 2010 Moving Annual Average (MAA)