The Modern Fundamentalist – A Kim Davis Parody

Starring RENA STROBER Directed by RICHARD KRAFT Co-Director and Producer TAMELA D’AMICO Cinematography and Editing JENNIFER NICOLE STANG Post Production Supervisor ROBIN DAUGHERTY Makeup JEN ASPINALL, NINA PORT Green Screen TOMMY PHILLIPS “Modern Fundamentalist” Lyrics by JAMES F. TRUMM Produced and Arranged by JEFF HOEPPNER Vocals by RENA STROBER based on “I Am the Very […]

YouTube is ‘Proud to Love’ the LGBT community

In a moving compilation video posted this week, video site YouTube has launched a campaign to feature gay pride videos, and has launched a campaign to inspire LGBT people and their allies to show their pride. The video, accompanied by the equal marriage-themed song ‘Same Love’, by rapper Macklemore, features famous LGBT YouTubers, with clips […]

Missing Husband – argument against DOMA

Missing Husband: a moving video about how one binational couple are kept apart because of the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) As the world awaits the US Supreme Court‘s decision on repealing the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) a moving video about how the law affects real couples has gone viral. David (American) and Jason […]

Dawn of a New Day for Marriage Equality

This national television ad, narrated by Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman, vividly displays our movement’s momentum, and all that is at stake in the fight for full, nationwide marriage equality. Freedom, justice, and human dignity have always guided our journey for a more perfect union. With historic victories for marriage, we’ve delivered a mandate for […]