The Modern Fundamentalist – A Kim Davis Parody

Starring RENA STROBER Directed by RICHARD KRAFT Co-Director and Producer TAMELA D’AMICO Cinematography and Editing JENNIFER NICOLE STANG Post Production Supervisor ROBIN DAUGHERTY Makeup JEN ASPINALL, NINA PORT Green Screen TOMMY PHILLIPS “Modern Fundamentalist” Lyrics by JAMES F. TRUMM Produced and Arranged by JEFF HOEPPNER Vocals by RENA STROBER based on “I Am the Very […]

Review of gay blood ban urged

The government has been urged to review rules banning men who have sex with men from donating blood “gay blood ban”, amid a critical lack of donors. A much-publicised ‘Missing Type’ campaign is this week raising awareness of the dwindling blood supplies for National Blood Week, to encourage more people to donate. However, men who […]

Lynx advert has featured a gay kiss?

A new ad for Lynx hair products in Australia nonchalantly features a gay kiss. The ad, launched in December features a possibly bisexual character who in typical Lynx style goes out kissing hot girls. But after he kisses “the hottest girl”, the narrator goes on to say “or the hottest boy”, which the character does. […]

It’s in Your Hands!

A moving advert has been released as part of a voter registration campaign ahead of next year’s referendum on equal marriage. The Republic of Ireland, which introduced civil partnerships in 2011, is set to vote next May on extending civil marriage to same-sex couples, with early polls suggesting a landslide victory for equality. However, referendums […]

“Gay blood ban is unfair and illogical” Michael Fabricant

Tory MP Michael Fabricant has called for an end to the 12-month deferral on gay and bisexual men donating blood, in a Parliamentary motion today. At present, men who have sex with men (MSM) can only give blood in England, Wales and Scotland if they have not had sex for 12 months or more – and […]

Law Student Sent To Ex-Gay Therapy

Law Student Sent To Ex-Gay Therapy, Puts Counselor to Shame. If you ever have a debate with Scott Blair–who was invited to attend Harvard Law–make sure you have your facts straight. It’s a lesson an ex-gay counselor learned soon into their first–and last–meeting.(Gay | HIV/AIDS | Community | Philadelphia) [TV-PG] aims to help lesbian, gay, […]

“Equalising blood laws is the next frontier for UK gay rights.” – Michael Fabricant

Conservative MP Michael Fabricant says blanket restrictions preventing gay and bisexual men from giving blood must end. Writing in The Guardian, the former Vice Chairman of the Conservative Party warned of an urgent need to increase blood donations in the UK. The MP said: “In January last year, parts of England and Wales came within […]

Credence by Mike Buonaiuto

SUMMARY Ever wondered what it might look like if a science fiction film presented LGBT people the way it should be done? #Credence will be the first Sci-Fi of its kind to challenge the way gay characters are portrayed in film. We need your help to finish the film, ready for the big screen. SYNOPSIS […]