Boots Ad Christmas 2017

Boots aren’t exactly what you’d call front runners for the Christmas Ads Hall Of Fame (yes, there is such a thing, and they do guided tours and there’s a nice cafe). But the pharmacy’s marketing team have come up with a cracker this year. If this short but simple montage of two sisters and the […] Ad Christmas 2017

Quirky, offbeat gift store Not On The High Street make their quirky, offbeat mark on the Christmas advertising scrum with hilarious tales of long-suffering people who deserve a thoughtful and well-chosen gift. Oh, and they’re narrated by Dawn French, which is a bonus. There are three to pick from, but this one – in which […] Ad Christmas 2017

Yeah, Amazon, you totally nicked this from HAPPYish, didn’t you? Well, you’re forgiven. This is quite fun. And Supertramp are great. See what happens when hundreds of Amazon boxes go on a magical journey, to send a smile this Christmas all whilst singing Roger Hodgson‘s anthem “Give a Little Bit.”

Coca Cola Ad Christmas 2017

You know this one. You see it every year; it’s as much a staple of Christmas TV as Morecambe & Wise. Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. And let’s be fair; it’s really not Christmas without it… We all know Holidays are Coming is a timeless classic, Christmas officially starts the moment you […]

Debenhams Ad Christmas 2017

It’s Ewan McGregor! And he’s here to tell you a story – a classic tale of guy meets girl, or rather guy almost meets girl, then girl loses her shoe and the whole thing goes viral. It’s Cinderella with a social media twist, and it works quite well. They even have trolls. As a public […]

Toys ‘R’ Us Ad Christmas 2017

Santa’s reindeer are too busy playing to deliver any gifts, so he calls on Geoffrey the Giraffe to help him with – Hang on a minute. Santa shops at Toys ‘R’ Us? What about the North Pole? The workshops? THE ELVES? Sorry, this is too much. Give me a moment to mop up the soggy […]

LEGO Ad Christmas 2017

Kids are given box of what is apparently Lego. Kids talk about all the things they could build with it. Kids discover box actually contains rusty nails. Kids break down in tears. The end. One shake and they know it could be anything – a gigantic carrot village, a double dinosaur, a private jet – […] Ad Christmas 2017

The pink boxes are back! Here’s Very with their blockbuster tale of a small child out delivering a Christmas gift, getting help from an unlikely source. The whole thing is a bit Frozen (in more than one sense of the word) but it works quite well, even if it’s not terribly interesting. Plus Ulfie the […]