TROLL BRIDGE | Official Trailer

TROLL BRIDGE | Official Trailer TROLL BRIDGE is now submitting to film festivals worldwide. An old barbarian and his talking horse, embark on a suicidal quest to battle a bridge troll. 15 years in the making TROLL BRIDGE is an ambitious odyssey of work in bringing Terry Pratchett’s Discworld to cinematic life. TROLL BRIDGE exists […]

Good King Richard, Part 1

Celebrate the Bard’s birthday with this new Shakespeare inspired web-series. Starring: Simon Brandon, Martin Cort and Carolyn Pertwee.

Video of the Day: A Throne of Shadows Trailer

A Throne Of Shadows | A Simon Brandon Film |Inspired by William Shakespeare | Are you seated comfortably? Then we shall begin| Arriving Spring 2018| O’ timeless chair of unknown history, Upon thy scaffold echos and mystery A breath, a thought, a voice, imprinted forever on thy steely steadfast timbers. Bring forth these souls enthroned […]

Inside 88Print

Inside 88Print by Loveurope For any print enquiries please contact

Stanley Kubrick and The Simpsons by Candice Drouet

Candice Drouet is a 19-year-old video editor living in France. She’s also a huge fan of both cinema and The Simpsons. That brilliant combination of factors led to the following genius supercut of every moment from nearly three decades of nerdy, film-loving Simpsons animators paying homage to Stanley Kubrick.

Film Meets Art by Vugar Efendi

Art inspires cinema, cinema inspires art. As lover of both, I just wanted to look into films that are inspired by famous paintings throughout history. There are plenty of movies more to include, maybe for a second part in the future. Music: Gio Galanti – Noctural

Aaron Thomas – Receiving ‘This Burning World’ Inside ‘The Piece’

Aaron Thomas First Reaction To Receiving ‘This Burning World’ Inside ‘The Piece’ From Award Winning Artist Michael Budd. For More Information Simon Nuckley interviews Aaron Thomas on Receiving ‘This Burning World’ Inside ‘The Piece’

Monsoon III (4K) by Mike Olbinski

Blu-Ray discs available here: Song by Kerry Muzzey: “Revenge”/ “Revenge: Epilogue” (on iTunes or Amazon) If you asked the average person, many would characterize this summer’s monsoon as a down season. Not a lot of storms overall and it seemed generally more quiet. And in many ways it actually was a slower season. All […]