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The Real Don Draper From ‘Mad Men’?

Don Draper is a character that could only exist in fiction: impossibly handsome, endlessly talented, and crippled by alcoholism and other impulse-control problems. VICE was curious to see if there was any truth behind Mad Men protagonist, and that’s how we found George Lois. A leader of the Creative Revolution, Lois helped create the campaign […]

Lynx advert has featured a gay kiss?

A new ad for Lynx hair products in Australia nonchalantly features a gay kiss. The ad, launched in December features a possibly bisexual character who in typical Lynx style goes out kissing hot girls. But after he kisses “the hottest girl”, the narrator goes on to say “or the hottest boy”, which the character does. […]

Volkswagen Woofwagen dogs advert 2013

VW recently released a new spot in London by adam&eveDDB that draws a relation to finding your perfect car to finding your perfect best friend. Check out our woofwagen dogs advert, which explores the diversity of the Volkswagen Range showing that there truly is a Volkswagen for all of us. Explore our range here: We’d love to know […]

The Vendor Client Relationship

This is one of the best representations that I have seen on working with an ad agency. Very well done. Also recommend ‘The Truth in Advertising’ to get a better grapple on life while working at an ad agency.

End Marmite Neglect – Marmite Advert 2013

Unloved and forgotten, thousands of Marmite jars across the UK are being neglected. This year alone, over 1 in 10 Brits admit they haven’t opened their jar in over three months. Through this latest Marmite advert, we’ve launched an urgent appeal to prevent cruelty, alleviate suffering and promote kindness to all Marmite jars. Get involved […]

The Three Unwise Monkeys

  Be part of this important campaign: #SeeHearSpeakNo Production & distribution by RedPill: Special thanks to: Sergio Leone – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Steven Spielberg – Indiana Jones & the Raiders of the Lost Ark The Wachowski Brothers – The Matrix Clint Eastwood (Gran Torino) Harrison Ford (Ender’s Game) Keanu Reeves (47 […]

The Best Halloween Ad

My favorite Halloween print ad ever, and one of my favorite print ads of all all time. So perfectly creepy. The campaign won a Gold Lion at Cannes in 2007. Ad agency: TBWAChiatDay.