No one likes to be considered cheap, but we all have to tighten our budgets this year. Off-price apparel and homeware retailer this circle in style by tackling it head-on. It focuses on Sam, whose asks how she bought such great gifts. Sam responds: “Just went to TK Maxx”.

Her father offers up his hand and starts a OTT scene, like something out of a musical, as Sam dances through the town, getting hi-fives from everyone to a soundtrack of Cerrone's 1977 hit ‘Supernature'. The message is clear: if you're worried that will down on you for shopping at a discount store, don't; after all, no one in this entire town takes that view.

Created by agency , the ad was filmed in Poland and directed by acclaimed director Max Siedentopf. There are three versions – 20 and 30 seconds for TV and 80 seconds for online.

TK Maxx – Christmas Nailed | 2022

'Tis the season to nail all your gifting for less. And against all odds, that's exactly what our gifting hero, Sam, has done. So join Sam on her journey across our ridiculously festive town as all kinds of characters congratulate her on her great value gifts. And how? With no less than a classic five of course. That's Christmas Nailed at TK Maxx – Big Gifts, Small Prices.