Could a friendship be ahead? No. It’s a Christmas ad for Lidl with great prices instead!

The world is hushed and white with snow,
Lonely hearts meet through a window.
Could a friendship be ahead?
No it’s a Christmas ad from Lidl with great prices instead.

Free range British turkey, smell the magic,
A jumper with our logo and a pig in a blanket.
Great value parsnips, oh what a price!
Emotional gravy, that potato looks nice.

We don’t need cutesy characters when carrots taste this good.
We don’t want romance, we want award winning Christmas pud.

There’s usually a moment where we want you to feel sad…
But we don’t have time, look sparkling wine!
This cheese will make you feel so glad.
Proper Christmas magic is in cake and sprouts and gin.
At Lidl we’re Big on a Christmas you can believe in.

A Christmas you can believe in 2

Lidl: A Christmas You Can Believe In by Karmarama

Building on the success of Lidl’s Christmas campaign last year, this year’s advert uses an amusing parody in an animated world to support the same sentiment.

The ad nods to the unbelievable and unrealistic nature of Christmas ads whilst interrupting these Christmas advertising tropes, and side-stepping them for great Lidl products, at great prices.

The ad continues in this theme by making playful references to ‘emotional gravy’ and moments designed to make viewers sad.