MacPaint is Back at Long Last with Cloudpaint

Flat design is all the rage these days, but back in 1984, flat was all there was. And back then, the Mac shipped with an acclaimed paint application: MacPaint. The legendary app showed the world that computers could, indeed, be the bicycle for the mind that Steve Jobs wanted so desperately. Today’s TextEdit was the […]

Arcade Fire’s Just A Reflektor: Behind the Scenes

Grammy Award-winning Canadian band Arcade Fire has partnered with Google Chrome for its latest single, Reflektor. An interactive video, directed by Vincent Morriset, lets viewers control the action by using their Chrome web browser and either a smartphone or tablet. To experience the film, users must visit the microsite on their computer, and then connect their handset by […]

2013 OpenStreetMap Data Report

This year for State of the Map we look at the last eight years of OpenStreetMap‘s growth and change. Founded in 2004, OpenStreetMap has grown from a local project to a worldwide map with widespread use and high data quality.   Visualizing road updates All roads in the continental United States, shaded by how recently […]

Flash vs HTML5

Flash VS HTML5 is an HTML5 study of the current landscape for creating gaming and rich interaction, presenting Flash & HTML5 iterations of the same game. It uses a custom 2D webGL renderer falling back to canvas for unsupported browsers. Made by Waste Creative

The Globe — GoSquared Labs

GoSquared use WebGL 3D Globe to visualize real-time site traffic in this stunning demo from their labs. What is GoSquared? Learn more about the features of GoSquared real-time web analytics.

Child Of The 90S

This 90s nostalgia overload might not make you want to go back to using Internet Explorer, but it’ll definitely make you want to play Oregon Trail again. Internet Explorer is fast. Sound like an oxymoron? Well, it’s not anymore. Built for speed, your favorite sites load faster according to real world site performance tests like Strangeloop. Everything you […]

Simon Brandon ‹ Actor from South East London

Dear Friend and followers, tiredbees is pleased to announce our latest project; This is a website of a rather talented actor, Simon Brandon; Training: East 15 Theatre : Pericles (Vox Humana/The Rose Theatre) The Warden (Traffic Of The Stage/Upstairs At The Gatehouse) The Government Inspector (Charm Offensive/The Shaw Theatre), Rumplestiltskin (Stage and Production House/ Touring: Roses […]

svg editor at launches

Introduction SVG-edit is a fast, web-based, Javascript-driven SVG editor that works in any modern browser: Firefox 1.5+ Opera 9.50+ Safari 4+ Chrome 1+ IE 6+ (with the Chrome Frame plugin, native IE9 support in 2.6) This editor depends on many other open-source projects. See Acknowledgements for details. In browsers that support the W3C File API, […]