Simon Brandon ‹ Actor from South East London (20130108)

Dear Friend and followers, tiredbees is pleased to announce our latest project;

This is a website of a rather talented actor, Simon Brandon;

Training: East 15

: Pericles (Vox Humana/The Rose Theatre) The Warden (Traffic Of The Stage/Upstairs At The Gatehouse) The Government Inspector (Charm Offensive/The Shaw Theatre), Rumplestiltskin (Stage and Production House/ Touring: Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury & Jersey Opera House) The Seagull (Charm Offensive/The Cockpit Theatre) Citiest Of Cities (Palladini Productions/The Scoop, London Bridge) Macbeth (OSO, Barnes) Hamlet (BAC) The Dragon (BAC).

TV : Peter Manuel in Murder Casebook (Crime & Investigation) Darren in Wannabes (BBC), Dubplate Drama (Ch4), Screenwipe () and Dreamteam (Sky One).

Film : Measure For Measure (Lucky Strike Productions/Pinnacle), Philip Pullman’s The Butterfly Tattoo and Fair Selection (BBC) directed byLaurence Moody.

Feel free to contact him through his site if you require an actor for advertising, TV productions, Films and Theatre.

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