Before and after, Sylvan Road

Before and after, good bye to Sylvan Road, Crystal Palace. #SE19

Oh how I will miss Crystal Palace! #SE19

Oh how I will miss Crystal Palace! #SE19

The Sylvan Estate in all its glory! #SE19

The Sylvan Estate in all its glory! #SE19

R.I.P. Jackie Skarvellis

A dear friend of ours passed away a week ago today. You were much loved and will be missed sorely. R.I.P. Jackie Skarvellis

Balderson + Nuckley Wedding

Thank you all for being a part of our speical day. And a special thank you to Fiona Kelly who took all these lovley photos. Memories we will trasuer for ever. The Wedding at Sidcup Manor Arriving at Devonport House and Group Photos The Wedding Breakfast and Speeches First Dance and Party!

Sunday afternoon walk with Iggy the Dinosaur

In 1853, a group of eminent professors and palaeontologists held a New Year’s Eve feast inside the concrete mould of an Iguanodon in Crystal Palace’s Dinosaur Court. The first full-scale reconstruction of dinosaurs ever attempted went on public display when the park opened in June 1854. Dinosaur remains were being discovered up and down the […]

Coot, Crystal Palace Park

A Coot lays between 5-7 eggs and then incubation takes about 21 days. Coot pairs can have several clutches in a Summer so keep your eyes peeled for more.

It snowed today

We awoke to a light dusting of snow this morning as frosty conditions swept across the UK.