Careful, we're going historical here. Back in 1994, when advocating openly about as a was still frowned upon, took a decisive stance for its and aired one of the first ever TV commercials in the history of . The commercial was created by Deutsch and named Dining , and it showed a same-sex couple talking about with IKEA .

Later, the crew admitted being extremely anxious and worried about the ad, fearing it would spark enormous backlash in the brand's target consumers. Sure, there was some backlash, mainly from the bigot side of the spectrum; but the company is still reaping the fruits of all the good and faith it put in that commercial, and it is today more committed to supporting LGBT communities than ever.

IKEA – Dining Room

Steve: “Oh, you know, we went to Ikea because we thought it was time for a serious dining room table.
Partner: “We have slightly different tastes. I mean, Steve's more into country. It frightens me but at the same time I have compassion.”
Steve: “We've been together for about three years.”
Partner: “I met Steve at my sister's wedding. I was really impressed at how well designed the Ikea furniture was.”
Steve: “He's really into craftsmanship.”
Partner: “The chairs are really sturdy.”
Steve: “This table included a leaf.”
Partner: “The leaf means staying together. Commitment.”
Steve: “We've got another leaf waiting when we really start getting along.”
[Ikea. It's a big country. Someone's got to furnish it.]