Valentine’s Day Google Doodle

A seventy-second animated short featuring on Google’s home page for Valentine’s Day features a gay couple among an unusual collection of romantic pairings. As a man tries to win over a skipping woman with increasing exasperation and non-traditional gifts, it is only when he begins skipping too that she rushes over to kiss him. A […]

The Kaleidoscope Trust

About A new organisation to support gay men and lesbians around the world who face prejudice and discrimination. General information Twitter: Facebook: Their Mission Our main priorities are: Capacity building in countries where hostility towards gay men and lesbians is particularly severe and where there are emerging or existing groups seeking international partners. […]

Gay men still banned!

The Department of Health today decided to end the lifetime ban on gay men donating blood which is a ‘step in the right direction’. However, the charity Stonewall still expresses concern that gay men engaged in low-risk sexual activity are still to be excluded from giving blood while heterosexuals engaged in higher risk activity will […]

Gay blood donation ban expected to be lifted today!

The lifetime ban on blood donation by men who have had sex with men is expected to be lifted in the UK later today. Since the 1980s AIDS crisis, gay men have been banned from donating blood because of the risk of HIV contamination. Although blood is screened for HIV and other infections prior to […]

Google Chrome: It Gets Better

Beginning with one inspiring video, Dan Savage used the web to create the It Gets Better project – a global movement that has generated thousands of uplifting videos that give hope to teens.

Legalise Gay Marriage

Responsible department: Ministry of Justice We the people petition the Government to amend the current marriage laws so that marriage is legal irrepesctive of the gender of the couple. At the moment a Gay couple may enter into a civil partnership which grants them all the same rights as a married Heterosexual couple but they […]

Barbarian Flashmob Converts

Join the Horde! Stop taxpayer funds to Bachmann’s anti-gay clinic: Producer: Sarah Webster Norton Choreographer: John Agurkis Edited by Dan Feidt & Gus Ganley Earlier today in Lake Elmo, Minnesota, an army of gay barbarians marched on Michele and Marcus Bachmann’s “clinic”, condemning the couple’s attempt to “pray away” their discredited gay […]

e-petition: Remove the ban on gay blood donation

Responsible department: Department of Health We the undersigned believe that the current blanket ban on MSM (Men who have had Sex with Men) donors is discriminatory and is based on out-dated prejudice rather than scientific evidence and that many gay and bisexual men would be low risk blood donors and remain an untapped resource that […]