The London Underground Map, Super Mario Style

Another fine specimen of the amateur Tube mapmaker’s art, and one to add to our growing collection, it’s the London Underground in the style of Super Mario Bros 3. The map, which covers Zone 1, was designed by Reddit user NaturalBeats; the page on which it was posted has inevitably attracted scores of persnickety comments, but we’re just […]

Tube Wi-Fi costs £15 from today for O2

Wi-Fi on the Tube costs money this week, unless you’re on Virgin Media, Vodafone or EE. Everyone else has to pay to connect on the commute from now on, starting at around 50p per day. Virgin Media has been providing free Wi-Fi at London Underground stations to all tube travellers since the Olympics. It’s business as usual if […]

3D Maps Of Tube Stations

After Londonist own 3D Tube map effort, the shift towards adding a third dimension to your commuting experience continues… the layout of several stations on the Underground have been rendered in 3D in these excellent maps by Andrew Godwin. As Andrew notes, the maps were drawn from “a combination of memory and a diagram or two I’ve managed to […]

Wi-fi turned on at Tube stations in London

Free wi-fi at some London Underground stations has now been turned on. Transport for London (TfL) said people at King’s Cross and Warren Street Tube stations will now be able to pick up the internet at ticket offices, escalators and platforms. On Friday, Oxford Circus and Green Park Tube stations will go live, followed by […]

First 80 tube stations to get WiFi hotspots named

Transport for London and Virgin Media have announced the first 80 London Underground stations that’ll receive free WiFi in time for the Olympics. By the end of July, users will be able to surf from the train platform, ticket offices and escalators — ideal for a few extra rush-hour injuries. The partnership will offer the internet free during the games season […]

Wi-Fi on the Tube by the 2012 Olympics

Following a successful trial at Charing Cross station, TfL has confirmed that Wi-Fi access will be provided at 120 stations throughout the Tube network, enabling travellers to go online when waiting at platforms. Wi-Fi services will be unavailable when passengers are travelling from station to station within Tube carriages. The assertion that access will be […]

Tube wi-fi internet plan progresses

London Underground (LU) is pushing ahead with plans to set up a wi-fi internet network at 120 Tube stations – despite several security concerns. Following a trial at Charing Cross Tube Station, LU is inviting companies to tender for a network-wide contract. It could be operational by 2012. But a security expert warned wi-fi could […]