The Case for Space

In Summery The Case for Space is the RIBA’s first research paper for HomeWise. In it we assess the internal floor area of homes on a sample of sites by England’s eight largest volume housebuilders. We compare our findings to the Greater London Authority’s space standards to benchmark good practice. The paper also analyses past […]

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e-petition: Remove the ban on gay blood donation

Responsible department: Department of Health We the undersigned believe that the current blanket ban on MSM (Men who have had Sex with Men) donors is discriminatory and is based on out-dated prejudice rather than scientific evidence and that many gay and bisexual men would be low risk blood donors and remain an untapped resource that […]

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Man says blood center rejected him because he appeared gay

Aaron Pace is admittedly and noticeably effeminate, but he says he’s not homosexual. Still, his looks, character and behavior prompted a blood donation center to reject him when he tried to donate blood recently and he’s miffed, to say the least. “I was humiliated and embarrassed,” said Pace, 22. of Gary. “It’s not right that […]

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