went to london with people and costumes to get some interesting !!! it was a fun !! and lots of people wanted to take …soo if you do see any online can you let me know please!!!!

Now i did submit some like this a while ago!! but dont think i actually showed the lines on the costumes that i drew on soo well sooo i figured that i would submit this one!!/.. each one took SOOOOOOOOOOO many hours and sooooooooooooo many pens ahhhhhhhh…but i like the resulting photography!!

well im trying to come up with the advertisement postcards to advertise myself…soooo anyways yea!!!

hehe we sat down next to to this guy who just looked up and smiled then continued listening to his music!!! chilled out man!!!!!!!

Hmm anyways yea……quality is not soo good as its not such a good scan!!

This is a negative of a from the trip to london and shows the costumes that i made for the trip!! part of my promote myself project!!!!

more shots from london that i made darker as i thought it suite this quite well!!!

We come to Talk….yea i couldnt think of any other way to describe it,.,,,,,went to london dressed like you can see to get photography!!! got some interesting shots…..im awaiting development of the film stuff as the digital came out all blurry!!! moan moan.. trying to advertise my [link] website…its only simple at the moment….but i only did it in like a week as it was for a college project that needed to be done quickly……….

I was in london today doing my project in which i dressed up and also two friends in costumes i made up!!!….and this is some of the photography i got from it!!! a lot of the digital photos came out blurry!! ahhhhhhhh….anyways fun day out in london..anoyingly it started raining which left so we didnt carry it on for the longest amount of time..we did it around the millenium bridge/tate modern area