In 10 weeks, smoking in public places will be banned across Britain, when steps into line with its neighbours. It's a move aimed at benefiting the non-smoking majority, but what will be the impact on England's 10 million smokers?

The last refuge for smokers is about to disappear.

On 1 July, England follows the lead of Scotland, and and bans smoking in enclosed public places, making the UK ban complete.

The sight of nicotine addicts huddling outside pubs, restaurants and offices to get their nicotine fix is about to become an English spectacle.

The government says its chief aim is to reduce passive smoking. But a secondary consequence is that more people will take the opportunity to quit.

“We estimate that a complete might reduce smoking rates by 1.7%, taking smoking from 24% now, down to 22%,” says a Department of spokeswoman. “This will mean around 600,000 fewer smokers in the long term.

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