Prime minister has told that gay should “fear” the and that voting for the Liberal Democrats will make a government more likely.

In answer to a question from a reader asked why he should support over the Liberal Democrats, Mr Brown dismissed Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg's promises.

Of the three main party leaders, Mr Clegg has arguably offered the most gay-friendly election promises and polls suggest his party has the most support from the gay community.

But Mr Brown pointed to his own party's achievements in the area, listing civil partnerships, gay and lesbian fertility rights as some of the advances.

The Labour Party has been in confusion for several days about the issue of tactical voting, with schools secretary Ed Balls saying that although he always wanted Labour to win, Labour supporters could vote Liberal Democrats in Liberal Democrats/Tory marginal seats.

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The above maybe true but in Wantage, my local constituency, it is a Tory safe seat. The Lib Dem's are more popular than Labour here. So normally I'd vote Labour but in an attempt not to through away my vote and to help Lib-Dem's win this 58th targeted seat I'll be voting Lib Den.

So PLEASE if your in a Labour held or targeted constituency. Vote Labour! The perfect out come would be a Labour win with Lib Den or a Lib-Lab packed.

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