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This is a I took from Montmartre's in ,


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By Peter S. Quinn

I had to shoot my way out
Because were getting rough
They say I move too much about
Like a gangster getting tough

I only wanted some France food
But they said I wasn't polite
They thought my attitude was rude
And eating folks caused a fright

I know I'm only a little
And I'm merely a tourist here
My clumsiness is in peace not war
And we ruled once everywhere


All I am saying
Is give dinosaur a chance
The little fellow is just playing
He wants to you dance

He's much for the rumba beat
And wants to see you all hop
He's got the guns and big feet
So dance, dance on – don't stop!

Much talk is about his robbery
But he only stole some apples
He needs to have foods for free
So he can do more wiggles


They say I'm a mere joke
A Ben Heine's pencil stroke
That might not be telling a lie
Though I have a different alibi

I was sent from gangster's dinosaur
Since their town isn't safe anymore
They are attempting to come back
Through a time machine walk

This is just the beginning of the end
I'm the 1st one to send
The guns are just extra kick
Next comes my fiancé Ms Dinosaur