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After the .PDF download from [link] , I have been move to do something As the late Anita Roddick said, “Do something. Do anything. Just do something.” I'm still not shore what to do, but I have found something wrong.

In the UK you can not give blood as a gay man, with out lying about your , as on the Nation Blood Services web-site under “Who can give Blood” [link] on question after the one about HIV/, it asks “Are you a man who has had oral or anal sex with another (even if you use a )? Now with out lying and I gather on declarations like this one, I would be breaking the ? Now I'm not a doctor so I not know anything about this but still how can it effect the blood. So when I has some surgery recently, I had to have some blood and now that I'm better I would like to give some of my rare blood group back to the Nation.

Poster of Protest - Gay Blood

~KarasuChan666 Apr 23, 2008
It's unfortunate that people of alternate sexualities can't give blood for whatever reason. They act like straights don't get AIDS too. All they need to do is at the percentages and they see that in the U.S. there are more straight people with AIDS than gays….

*tiredbees Apr 23, 2008
thank you for this comment, is it true that GAYs are not aloud to give blood in the U.S. too. 

~KarasuChan666 Apr 25, 2008
Oh i know that it's true. I am bisexual and i give blood all the time. I know that it is probably illegal and all but they don't need to know that. I like donating blood, and knowing that i have saved a few lives. I wish that the gay/bi/trans community would fight for their rights more than they do but we can only do so much. Someday we'll have equal rights. 

~Rain-yatsu Aug 10, 2008
what!? there are more straight people with AIDS than gay people?! fuck you straight people who made this law and those who agree with this law!!

We live our lives every day and its all we know how to do so why not make every day worth living

AinuPrincess Jul 21, 2009
And you know the sad thing? Even though in the US gays have AIDS the most, world wide, its heterosexuals that are most likely to be infected.

=The-Truth-In-The-Lie Dec 23, 2009
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~hieithefallen Dec 24, 2009
People seem to think that gay men contract and spread HIV/AIDS more than straight people do and even though it isn't true, people believe it sadly

I'm not sure I understand why people think that HIV and AIDS is strictly a homosexual disease. It has nothing to do with sexuality but the person you sleep with, gay or straight.

I wish it wasn't true, because it's completely unfair and if a gay man's blood saved my life, I wouldn't care that he was gay. I would care that he was a good enough person to help someone else in need.

Adommy <3Team Carlisle/Jasper. YeahHiei lover~~EternalChameleon Jan 24, 2010
You know, unless you are asked point blank if you are gay or straight, then you can easily under the “don't ask, don't tell” and donate blood all you want. They test the blood before it goes in anyway, I am sure just to make sure noone lied.

This is kinda a cool way to attract attention to the issue, though!

=Avalik 1 day ago
It's MSM's who aren't allowed to donate blood, so it includes straight people, bisexuals and victims of sexual abuse and rape as well.

90 people get the swine flu and everyone wants to wear a mask. A million people have AIDS and no one wants to wear a condom.

~Little-deamon-child 1 day ago
Thats really silly, i know what its like to be around prejuduced people but
not allowing gays to give blood because they “all have aids” is bloody stupid.

Its bad enough i had a b*&*@ fest at my great aunt cause she was under the
impression that being a gay man adopting a baby girl was a good thing because
they would be less likely to touch her.

These prejudices are wrong people!!!

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*icyhugs 1 day ago
It's the same crap in Hong Kong. The Red Cross forbidden gays to donate blood while u hear their cry for blood donation everyday on the radio.

~ShoRena 1 day ago
it depends on the person i think. i hate how people always accuse gay people of having aids, when just as many straight people have it too. and nice pic by the way. it bring up a good question

You only see one side of the .

~buggy6565 1 day ago
Its the same way here in the US. We had blood drives at my school and a friend of mine was turned away for being gay. It absolutely disgusts me that people can be that stereotypical!

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~cayra 1 day ago
Same here in Germany. Stupid fuckers.


~KidenStormsoarer 22 hours ago
same thing in the us, they claim that gays have a higher risk of std's. i refuse to give blood because they ask that. it's a shame, too, i'm type O positive, which is the most common type, therefore the most needed on average. i tried complaining to the red cross when they told me that, too, but it got swept under the rug.

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