Great cards typographical composed of thousands of words, made entirely by hand. A 's work and Andy Woodruff Axis Maps to reproduce faithfully the streets and the cities of and . A style managed to discover in the sequel.

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The above Typographic reminds me of the work of a friend from college, Mark Webber.

In 2006 he created the first of his ‘Where in the World' maps that have rapidly become his trademark – recreating the famous aerial outline of solely from the typographic representation of the Boroughs, before painstakingly carving the design into a large sheet of linoleum.

Mark's map gained him immediate international recognition and soon after he was asked to create a map based on London for the ‘My City, My London' exhibition alongside such luminaries as Alan Fletcher, Margaret Calvert, Ken Garland, and Derek Birdsall. This was swiftly followed by a commission for the front of Crafts magazine, and subsequently in 2007 Mark was awarded a Silver Cube from the Art Directors Club of New York – one of the most prestigious awards in graphic design.

earls_court, originally uploaded by Mark Andrew Webber.

earls court

i took some pictures of the linoleum the first time i inked it up! as i knew i would never get this clean look again!,,, and wanted to make some postcards of the linoleum!

some linocut prints for sale on:

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