Great cards typographical composed of thousands of words, made entirely by hand. A 's work and Andy Woodruff Axis Maps to reproduce faithfully the streets and the cities of Boston and Chicago. A style managed to discover in the sequel.

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The above Typographic reminds me of the work of a friend from college, Mark Webber.

In 2006 he created the first of his ‘Where in the World' city maps that have rapidly become his – recreating the famous aerial outline of Manhattan solely from the typographic representation of the Boroughs, before painstakingly carving the into a large sheet of linoleum.

Mark's map gained him immediate recognition and soon after he was asked to create a map based on London for the ‘My City, My London' exhibition alongside such graphic design luminaries as Alan Fletcher, Margaret Calvert, Ken Garland, and Derek Birdsall. This was swiftly followed by a commission for the front page of Crafts magazine, and subsequently in 2007 Mark was awarded a Silver Cube from the Art Directors Club of New York – one of the most prestigious awards in graphic design.

earls_court, originally uploaded by Mark Andrew Webber.

earls court

i took some pictures of the linoleum the first time i inked it up! as i knew i would never get this clean look again!,,, and wanted to make some postcards of the linoleum!

some for sale on:

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