Title reads: “Londoners get there”.


Traffic chaos during Underground Strike / Tube Strike.

L/S Victoria Station. C/U sign “Underground”, pan down to closed gates. C/U sign LTE regrets pan that there are running”. C/U traffic jam, pan to line of traffic making their way slowly into London. C/U commuter Mr. Huxley leaving his dressed in bowler hat, vest, pants, socks. He is carrying brief case and reading copy of the , pan as he starts to run down the road.

L/S traffic jam Embankment. Panning C/U crowded bus. L/S queues at Victoria Bus Station. M/S traffic jam on bridge. Various shots cars parked around central London – every space is full. shot of commuter, Mr. Plummer, carrying and brief case – he is roller-skating to the office! L/S of parked cars in horseguards . C/U police. M/S traffic jam.

C/U irate driver banging the horn. L/S traffic jam on . C/U car drawings up at the office (Wardour Street?) loaded with men, they start to get out. Driver makes his way round to the and where two women are sitting.