A total communication failure between trains and controllers led to a two-hour shutdown of an entire line, sources have said.

It happened minutes after a separate signalling problem on the same line left passengers stranded in one train for 50 minutes and another for 40.

The faults affected the Central Line on morning and lunchtime.

for London (TfL) apologised and said it hoped to run services during the rush-hour.

But Bob Crow, of the Rail, and Transport (RMT) union, said it had been “another round of chaos on the ”.

The first breakdown – involving a signal at White City – led to the Central Line being suspended from Marble Arch to North Acton from 1115 to 1200 GMT.

Two trains were stuck outside White City station as a result.

After 40 minutes one was moved to Shepherd's Bush station, where passengers were allowed to leave, and after 50 minutes the other was taken to East Acton.

via BBC News