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, director of 3, recently Tweeted about behind the scenes of the five-time Oscar-nominated movie. He gives a tweet out to Z Corp printer. Pixar used their technology to create models of the characters we see in the film. Warren Trezevant was gracious enough to show us around their 3D printing studio. I the video, he explains how the 3D prints are the most precise replication of the actual characters. You can't buy a toy this real!

The Z Corp equipment creates the characters in full color. The 3D printer that made this uses inkjets very similar to the ones in commercial printers and sprays the ink onto an off surface that is similar to plaster.

It is very exciting to see the 3D data from those films now being used to create the Pixar zoetrope. Subscribe for more videos behind the scenes at Pixar.

via /Film