The National Rail iPhone App is how I find train and platform times and often has the platform of a train before the in station boards. This is obviously good, until God forbid an accident happens and trains stop arriving and leaving Paddington station, like what happened today. You’d think the app would reflect this with cancelled train delayed train etc. But no the reality below;


I thought this could be that the information was not on plan and so the in station board were being updated manually by the FGW control room in the ether. Which as over hearing the radio chatter the formation of services seems to be a direct relation to people’s needs on the platforms. If only the same could be said of southeastern ! How ever as below shows, although the services in times of disruption are formed ad-hoc. This information is feed back to National Rail, who after all run Paddington and all major London stations. So the boards are updated off the Internet;


If this page from the National Rail Enquires web-site is reflection what is going on “Live” at Paddington with a services disruption message as well and from what I understand the in station boards and the iPhone app all use the same information source, how come the iPhone App doesn’t reflect this, it’ll show cancelled service and not late or delayed ones.