Clitheroe Castle Pop-Up Book
Clitheroe Castle Pop-Up Book (Animation) from ay-pe on Vimeo.

While commissioning a script for the film we found out that very little actually happened at Clitheroe Castle! There was also very little archive footage. Photographic, illustrative or otherwise. Not know for shying away from a challenge we started thinking… hard, and we came up with the idea of using .

Our idea was based upon the premise that a storyteller would turn the pages of a book and as each page opened, a Pop-Up would appear. The client loved the idea! began illustrating cutting, pasting and animating over 16 individual scenes of stop-frame animation which were then edited together and the narration added with a local dialect.

The film has been an overwhelming success, so much so we are currently designing a book of the film to be sold in the shop

Script – Jimmy Richards

Executive Producer – Richard Briggs

Illustration – Heath Gwynn & Blakey

Voice – Bernard Wrigley

Audio – John Vick, Finiflex

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