Holy Flying Circus
Making of the “Holy Flying Circus” Title Sequence – A Rather Large Phonotrope from jim le fevre on Vimeo.Title Sequence for the fabulous Owen Harris and fabulous Tony Roche's Holy Flying Circus, a fantastical comedy docu-drama of the Pythons, produced by the equally fabulous and Norrish at Hillbilly Films for 4.

A more detailed breakdown of the making of can be found here… http://phonotropia.blogspot.com/ Title sequence directed by .

This is the making of the Phonotrope that comprised the title sequence The title sequence shown here is from the rough cut and changed a bit in the final film but for the purposes of seeing the whole Phonotrope I have used the rough cut.

I can't thank everyone that helped make this enough, from Ben who created an amazing tool for me to use, Gordon and Gee (and Jo) who created the structure, to and Elizabeth (and Toby) who helped make it so good to Sophie for being my third and fourth hands (and Dom and Carmen briefly) and Ewen for being an utter star with his laser.

Especially to Luke and Claire at too, and especially to Claire for all the nonsense I put her through asking her to find laser cutters.

Colin, I salute you.

(oh and credit must also go to Jack C Arnold for his music work http://www.jackcarnoldmusic.co.uk/. Again, the track on the final section is a work in progress from him)

Production Company Nexus Productions
Director Jim Le Fevre
Executive Producer Luke Youngman
Production Manager Claire Thompson

Production Assistant Fernanda Garcia Lopez
Production Assistant Carmen De Witt
Intern Leila Smith

3D Pre Visualisation Development Ben Cowell
3D Pre Visualisation Development Mark Davies

Director of Photography Matthew
Camera Assistant Toby Goodyear http://www.claphamroadstudios.co.uk/ Design / Construction Gordon Allen, Gee Staughton, Joe Kirton, Harris Allen
http://www.wearetheartdept.com/ Art Department Assistant Sophie Powell, Dominic Owen

Studio Assistant Elizabeth Day

Special Thanks

Elizabeth Day who makes Clapham Studios the most welcoming and brilliant place to work in.

Ewen Dickie at Laser Make who was truly amazing with his Laser-cutting services. I don't say that in a gushing kind of way but in a way that he was both enthusiastic, interested and passionate and worked above and beyond the call of duty to get to where we got to. I thank you Ewen.
http://www.lasermake.co.uk/ [iframe src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/30833811?portrait=0&color=ffffff” width=”550″ height=”309″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen allowFullScreen]

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