Fruit City The Fruit Map

Much of the we buy in the is from far flung places like Spain, Brazil and , but literally tons of fruit grows in our own fair city. Even in a concrete metropolis, nature is all around us.
Don't believe us? Check the . Where do you live? , Mulberries, Apples, , ,, Strawberries and even some secret Kiwis.

We are not saying that every Londoner can get all the fruit they need from the city streets right now and through the year, but a large load of the fruit from the that do bear goes to waste unpicked.

What if we could get the most out of our London? Community orchards are popping up all over the city. Wouldn't you like one in your park? Why ship a lorry of apples from Holland when they flourish in Barnet?

Fruit City is not just a Map of trees, but an initiative to wake people up to the nature on their doorstep. To re-engage folks with the wild and goodness around them and to get local community orchards planted.

You'll find an extensive list of amazing initiatives and schemes that are happening now. As well as recipes and uses for fruit that you may never had thought of. How about some Cherry wine?

Find your local Fruit Trees!