blood donationWhile Northern continues to drag its feet on lifting the lifetime ban on blood donations from gay and bisexual men, recent developments in Great are no great victory. Since early November, queer men in England, and are permitted to give blood so long as they have refrained from activity for a year. But although the exclusion of sexually active queer men has been tackled by a multitude of commentators, they are not the only people barred from because of who they sleep with.

Despite the recent change in regulations, it remains the case that a woman who has had sex with a who has ever had sex with a man must wait one year before she can donate. This means, in practice, that while John may be eligible to give blood once a year has passed since his last sexual contact with a man, his girlfriend Sally is excluded until a year after the end of their own sexual . Assuming, if we will, that they are monogamous and that their relationship lasts for years, the ban on her participation grows ever more ridiculous with the passing of time. John's blood donation is not problematised, but Sally's donation, purely because of her association with John, is.

via Pink News