Handmade Type
Handmade Type
from Tien-Min Liao on Vimeo.

To more, please visit: http://www.behance.net/gallery/Handmade-Type/3235741

This is a self-initiated typographic that explores the relationships between upper-case letters and lower-case letters, and also records the transformation between them.

In this experiment, I drew shapes with ink on one or both of my hands, manipulating my gestures into the corresponding shape to signify an upper-case letter. Then, using the same shape on my hands, I manipulated my or changed the perspective through which the shape is viewed in orderto transform the upper-case letter to a lower-case of the same letter. Removingor redrawing the darkened shape on my hands is not allowed in the experiment. The only way to make the transform from an upper-case to a lower-case (or vice versa) is changing the gestures or the perspectives.

I created 26 sets of these inked shapes and drew them on my hands. Each set is made to create both an upper-case and a lower-case letter, such as A and a. I also created some italic letters, hand-writing letters and some new typefaces with the same shapes.

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