Network Rail Virtual Archive (20120301)

Today's railway represents 200 years of engineering inspiration, innovation and determination; the work that Network Rail does today is the next chapter in this astounding story.

The Online
Through this online archive we will showcase and celebrate the heritage of today's railway infrastructure and provide access to elements of the archive. Access to the Archive will be provided through this website, and we will aim to publish new documents on a regular basis, to coincide with activities, projects, significant events and anniversaries. You can read about our recent discoveries and projects in our blog and ‘Ask the Archivist' questions about our collection. While at this stage in the project's development we won't be able to make records available on demand, we will try and answer your enquiries as fully as possible and work your requests into our programme for future publication. If there is a feature of today's railway infrastructure you feel should be celebrated, do let know and we will do what we can to work it into our programme for future publication.

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