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Chromaroma takes your travel data and makes it into a game where every journey counts in a competition for the city!

Play with friends or compete against them. Set records, earn achievements, go on real missions.

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Chromaroma is a game that shows you your and location as you swipe your Oyster Card in and out of the (Bus, Tram and Boat coming soon).

It connects communities of people who cross paths and routes on a regular basis, and encourages people to make new journeys and use public transport in a different way by exploring new areas and potentially using different modes of public transport.

At its simplest, Chromaroma is about amassing the most points possible. By watching your own travel details you can investigate interesting new ways to travel and exciting new destinations in order to get more points. Grab “multipliers” and bonus points by working with a team, building up connections with fellow passengers and discovering mysteries that are attached to locations on your routes.

Beyond competition and conquest, Chromaroma's gameplay opens up the beauty in the city's transport flows and reveals to its most persistent players some of the mysteries of travel, and even the strange characters travelling through the tunnels in the centre of the system, who may hold the secrets to your city.

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About the creators of Chromaroma
Mudlark are building ways to create entertaining games from the data we create and leave behind without noticing.

Technology pervades most things we do. With our phones, smart cards, blogs, social networking, flickr-ing and twittering we are creating endless content and data trails as we journey through our lives.

Mudlark believes games are a way to access this information and to make smart decisions about our lives. These data-driven games will connect their players with one another and build new types of communities, at the same time defeating the possibility of a dystopian database society.


What follows is a letter from the Chromaroma Team about changes to TfL data service and how it will effect Chromaroma

Chromaroma Down For Maintenance

Greetings Traveller,
You may have noticed that Chromaroma has been a little slow, of late, in bringing in your journeys and calculating your points. We've been debugging the recent problems when we've had the chance to, and it's come to light that have stopped serving up your Journey History in a way that our data importer can understand.

So, the bad new is that none of your March journeys are importable anymore. You might remember that this happened a while back in last year when the new TfL was released. Since then, we've been targeting the ‘Old Version' that TfL have kept going behind the new one. As of some-time-in-the-recent-past that's now completely gone.

More excitingly, we wrote recently about the of Journey Histories for registered but non-PAYG Cards, and how potentially exciting that was. Well, if we can get our data importer reading your Journeys right, and upgrade our servers to take the extra data, then that development will be a reality. This will mean even more players and a more competitive feel to the game.

So, for those of you who've been scratching your heads, waiting patiently for your points to come through – we sincerely apologise. Data-wise, Season 9 has had to end early, but stick with us and Season 10 should be a blinder.

We've pencilled in Friday 13th April for the launch of Season 10, because hopefully the gremlins will be busy somewhere else that day.

We'll see you soon. Until then, travel safely.

The Chromaroma Team

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