Emotional TV ad in favour of equal marriage in Washington State

A new TV advertisement has been aired as heads closer to a ballot on 74 on whether to retain equal legislation.

“I'm so proud of my daughter ,” mother Chris Morningstar said in the short TV advertisement. “She and her partner, , are just wonderful parents. When Cheryl was diagnosed with brain cancer, my heart just went out to all of them. It really hurts watching them fight this cancer. And what's just as hard, is watching what they've had to go through because they're not legally married.

“One in the hospital, Cheryl had a seizure. She was asking for Sarah and no one called. Only marriage guarantees all couples can be there for each other when it really matters.”

's state legislature passed equal marriage laws earlier this year.

The legislation was due to come into effect in June, but was delayed as opponents submitted more than 200,000 signatures to force the measure through a referendum (R 74) this November.


via Pink News

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