A new commercial from Nokia is the latest to attack new handset, this time focusing on the iPhone 5‘s lack of colorway options.

Nokia Lumia 920 - Time to #switch

The ad opens in a drab and dreary grey of shuffling queues, filled with homogenous drones toting iPhones. It's a bleak vision of the future that even Fritz Lang and George Orwell would reject for being a bit glum. The ad follows an early-adopter who, upon reaching the sales desk of an Apple Store, asks the bespectacled employee “?” Apparently staff at Apple's retail outlets are angered by this question, as alarms and buzzers sound, prompting the hero to flee outside where he sees a variety of people carrying the new Lumia 920. Of course, all the handsets are portrayed in bright colours.

In comparison to Samsung's long-running campaign poking fun at “line-waiters,” Nokia's new commercial seems to quite banal, choosing to focus on relatively insignificant device rather than touting its Lumia 920 handset's technical features.

As noted by The Verge, the minute-long “Time to Switch” commercial portrays the dismal life of iPhone upgraders, who are once again in line for the new product's release, in an obvious jab at complaints of the being too boring.


The YouTube Post reads:

Grau in grau war gestern — wer Farbe bekennt, hat mehr vom Leben! Hebt euch von der tristen Masse der Obstjunkies ab und entdeckt die Smartphones der Extraklasse. Das Nokia Lumia 920 und das Nokia Lumia 820 sind in je vier tollen Farben erhältlich und können alles, was das Herz begehrt — mehr als manches hochgelobte !

and in English via Google Translate:

was yesterday in gray – who confesses color has more of life! Lifts you from the drab mass of fruit junkies and discovered the smartphone class. The Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 820 are available in four great colors and can be anything your heart desires – more than many highly acclaimed smartphone!

via AppleInsider