Music Video Created Using Spreadsheet Software

We’ve seen stop motion videos made using novel mediums such as Post-It Notes, but this new one from YouTube musical sensation Mystery Guitar Man (MGM) takes the cake in terms of creativity. He used Open Office‘s spreadsheet program to create a pixelated video for his cover of the song “Cuban Pete.”

To make the video, MGM filmed his performance and then applied a pixelated effect to it on the computer. Then, he created a spreadsheet made up of hundred of square data cells to represent the pixels in the video and filled them in using the appropriate colors. It’s not clear, however, if he (or someone else) made each frame individually or somehow automated the process. The entire video is comprised of more than 700 frames and evidently took almost five hours to complete.

No matter how it was assembled, it’s still a very impressive — and fun — video that shows how the most seemingly mundane programs can be used in unexpectedly entertaining ways.

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