Cat Café

What is Lady Dinahs doing?

Lady Dinahs is opening a Café in London! It’s a place where you can spend time with the friendly who live in her cafe.

It’s not just about being able to play with the cats. It’s about the whole experience: a small indulgence, a place to forget about your day and unwind. It’s about coming in from the to a comfortable wingback chair, a hot cup of tea, a book, and a cat.

Lady Dinahs wants you to come in and feel special, relaxed, and cared for. Just like her cats!

Where will the funds go?

You will be contributing to startup costs for the cat cafe. This includes:

  • Creating a cat playground: We’re going to do a lot of custom and building
  • Cat adoption costs
  • Medical checks, vaccinations and neutering
  • Toys, beds, grooming brushes, cat food and litter
  • Cafe setup costs – coffee machines, cups, plates (everything!)
  • Furnishings: cosy sofas and luxuriant chaises, cushions, side tables
  • Initial product inventory: New books, postcards and memorabilia
  • Initial services inventory and costs: Wifi installation, stocking the free-to-swap-library with books, boardgames to plaY
  • Public liabilty and other insurances, licenceS
  • Settling: We can’t open immediately! We need to give our kitties time to settle in before everyone comes in

Lady Dinahs has some great perks for contributors, including vouchers that allow discounted – or even unlimited – entry.

Fund Lady Dinahs and her Cats here.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can’t fund this project but you want to help, please spread the word far and wide so that Lady Dinahs can get enough interest and funding to proceed.

Send your friends a link to this page and encourage them to follow Lady Dinahs and her Cats on Facebook and Twitter

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