Rassurez-vous - Fear Not

A has posted a YouTube video of himself addressing those in opposed to legalising equal , in which he reaches out to them, and gives reassurances around common misconceptions linked to .

In the , in response to violent protests around equal marriage, posted by Mike Fédée, titled ‘Rassurez-vous – Fear Not', he begins each sentence by saying “fear not”, and dispels stereotypes and false-claims by those opposed to equal marriage.

The full transcript from Fédée's video is available to read below.

Fear not, in this debate on marriage equality, noone has lost. We are all winners. As we will live better, together.

Fear no, if I get married tomorrow you will not become less of a , or of a woman. I will simply become the husband of mine.

Fear not, I am not asking you not to believe in your any more. I am asking you to believe… in us.

Fear not, your God will never, blame you for dancing, singing, laughing, crying with us. When we say, ‘I do' to one another.

Fear not, we will not in love with every man on the street, no.

Fear not, we are not just about drugs, alcohol, sex, clubs… no. We are no more, and no less than you. We are as much, as you.

Fear not, we will not steal anybody's children. Ours will fly into our lives, like the angels we expected for so long.

Fear not, my will not hit on yours in the sandbox.

Fear not, I will not be coming to school to pick up my child, dressed as Priscilla, Queen of the Desert. And if I did… don't judge a book by its cover.

Fear not, I will love my child. Fear not, I will never prevent my child from loving someone.

Fear not, if someday, you want to apologise to me, I will not turn my back to you.

Fear not, I will accept your apologies.

Fear not, We will never call for blood. Fear not homophobes. You can be more than violence, physical and verbal.

Fear not, fag bashers. Someday, when you talk about it with your kids shamefully, they will forgive you. Thanks to our children.

And that day, we will name you “the faggiven”.

Fear not, I want to start over with you. I want to rebuild with you. Fear not, this is not a threat.

I've been telling you, since the beginning: Fear not.

via Pink News

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